You have already invested in technology,
now you need it to work efficiently.

During a 360 Refresh, we work with your entire team to address your IT issues, put a plan in place to manage your IT system, and help you find ways to more effectively utilize your existing IT infrastructure. This comprehensive refresh service will immediately bring your technology and your team up to speed.

Hear from our clients

Learn about what our clients experience with a 360 Refresh.

“As a true partner they came in and helped us to utilize the technology we already owned. They saved us time, they saved us money and utilized what we had available at the time and helped us budget, grow and build a plan.” -Bonnie Pugh, Practice Dynamics

System Monitoring

Do you want a proactive IT solution?

Your system is monitored 24/7/365 by our exclusive Advantage Insight software. By monitoring your system, we have the ability to prevent issues before they even occur. That proactive service will give you peace of mind.

Backup Systems

Do you want to know that your backup system is working?

The backup system in most offices is outdated and not functioning properly. With a 360 Refresh, we are able to tell you what data was being backed up and deploy state-of-the-art backup systems for your office.


Is the security of your data important to you?

With a 360 Refresh we will provide you with a vulnerability scan and audit as required by HIPAA, PCI, and HITECH regulations. We understand the regulations that effect your business and help you with compliance.

Existing IT Infrastructure

Have you already invested in your IT infrastructure?

If so, we applaud you! We will use your existing IT infrastructure to its fullest potential. Your investment deserves to be running at optimal speeds. Let us help you get there.

Immediate  Concerns

Do you have some immediate IT concerns?

Almost every office has something that they’ve been wanting to fix. With our certified technicians on-site we will fix any of your concerns and get your office running like new.

Develop IT Strategy

Do you plan for the future?

Technology is a critical part of business. In order for you to be in the game, you must plan for changes in technology. We are your partner in technology and we will assist you in developing a long term strategy for your business.